EDEA Project Partners

Consejería de Fomento, Vivienda, Ordenación del Territorio y Turismo del Gobierno de Extremadura / Department of Development, Housing, Planning and Tourism, Government of Extremadura


Junta de Extremadura - Consejería de FomentoThe Ministry of Public Works will exercise the resonsabilities in infrastructure and transport which the previous Ministry of Infrastructure and Technological Development had assigned and the responsabilities of the Extremadura Agency of Housing, Urban Planning and Landscape.

The Ministry of Public Works is structured in the following governing bodies:

  • Secretary General.
  • Infrastructure and Water Head Office.
  • Transport Head Office.
  • Housing and Architecture Head Office.
  • Urban Planning and Landscape Management Head Office.

Participation in the project:

The Ministry of Public Works of the Regional Government of Extremadura has been the precursor, through the Housing and Architecture Head Office, of the EDEA project aiming to develop a design and building houses methodology under sustainability criteria and using renewable sources to achieve a better energy and acoustic performance, improving the quality in the construction and the comfort of users in order to apply those results to Extremadura housing policy actions.

Therefore, some of the functions to be carried by the Ministry of Public Works of the Regional Government of Extremadura, as leader of the EDEA project, are:

  • Coordination of the project.
  • Administrative and technical management.
  • Contribution of the soil.
  • Construction of the two demonstration houses.
  • Collaboration in the development of technical studies before and after obtaining results.
  • Participation in simulations.
  • Participation in design.
  • Participation in the choice of materials, passive systems, renewable energy installations.
  • Divulgation activities about the projects activities and its results.
  • Contact with potential external partners that may provide an added value.
  • Technology watching during the project development.